Redesign your office using 3 effective ways!

04 Oct 2017

Redesign your office using 3 effective ways!


If you’re moving to a new Houston executive suite, you’ll be able to make the ultimate fresh start if you do this before any boxes get packed. But if not, you can still do a mighty sweep through and declutter your current office space. Keep only the equipment and furniture that gets used; keep only the décor that brings you joy; keep only the documents necessary for your business. Recycle, donate, sell, or toss everything else. This single act will transform the look and feel of your office, and give you a clean foundation for your office redesign.
minimalist office design
Less is more with minimalist office design!
When designing an office space, the simplest and best rule is to keep one foot in the land of minimalism. There is a reason why “staged” homes look the best to buyers and magazine readers: the crisp, uncluttered look appeals to the eye and lets us envision ourselves in the space. The same can be said of the workplace. Go ahead and add color, furniture, plants, artwork, and structural elements, but make sure everything is done with purpose. When you err on the side of minimalism, you give yourself room to add later — which is much easier and less wasteful than undoing excess. Sometimes less is more when it comes to office design concepts.
Let nature into office design
Plants can really liven up an office environment!
Live plants, daylight, and other natural elements need to be part of any healthy office environment. We know too much about the benefits of biophilic design — including higher creativity and productivity levels as well as increased personal well-being — to skimp on this in any 21st-century office.



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